Ascended Twin Flame André, Archangel Michael
Prayer Wheel to eradicate Antichrist, February 5, 2017
by Christine Preston

As it is written in the Decree book, there are many legions and forces in the Great Central Sun, and they come down to the lower dimension as the armies of the Lord, together with Archangel Michael, the Defender in Battle, as well as other Archangels. They come down from every system and galaxy, and , from the highest realms and descend to earth for the deliverance of souls, children, men and women, and nations. They do this when you them. This is because of the law of non-interference. It is necessary to given them authority to go into action because in some case it might go against your own free will and the Forces of the Light never interfer with human freewill. The Woman clothed with the Sun of the book of Revelation is a symbol for mankind giving birth to a consciousness as it is the time for the upon the path of Ascension. Ask that Archangel Michael may be blessed with dispensations and that such armies may be sent from the higher realms so he may be able to out the astral plane, as well as free mankind from the indoctrination that has kept it in bondage to the forces. You may pray to the Elohim of God and the entire of the Great , as well as the Cosmic Councils of the Sun, for an intercession so that Archangel Michael may fulfill his inner vow to defend the souls with the thread to the I Am Presence. Those souls are the Church and the symbolic bride that is the mystical body of God. In other words, one denomination called Church or spiritual group does not have more than another, because the true Church is the mystical body of God and the Lightbearers in the whole world, whatever their religion or race.