The copies of the book of Enoch at Qumran, for instance, are in some cases, much more ancient than has been realized. The time when Antichrist, that Devil or Satan, reappeared in incarnation, not just by the it created by its influence upon the souls of mankind, was more than 2,000 years ago. It was at that time that some souls of Light also to prepare the way for the Incarnation of Jesus Christ. He came as a Messiah to hold a balance of Light, and also to remove the Prince of this World, in other words begin the process of the of these souls of by initiating the timelines that would result with the Harvest, the of the tares from the wheat. They have to reap their misuse of the Light but refuse to learn and surrender to God’s Will. So they are affected in this time of Ascension as they cannot exist in the Light that is being irradiated. Light consumes Darkness. Atlantis has risen again in the of the Cain civilization that was once created and dominated during the Atlantean era. Cain is the biblical symbol for those laggards from Maldek. A new attempt to dominate and hold mankind into a state of captivity has been made again by this antichrist power in the that they oppose the Light. This power is associated with the Reptilian species and hence was represented as a Dragon in the book of Revelation. On Maldek they used psychotronic technology to bend minds and invert nature, causing corruption, a downfall and . The lower was compared to falling asleep, and leads to death and hell, a fall from paradise by an engineered fall into the lower dimension. The Whore sitting on the Throne of Babylon, their symbolic , has lost power. The Dragon and the Beast are being dethroned in the that are unfolding, as well as from the hearts that they have invaded. This is why mankind needs Archangel Michael and his sword of Blue Flame. Today we also need to the tide of hatred and criticism born from an erroneous vision, perception and understanding, for the souls captive in the consciousness of the 3rd dimension. They need to be cut free from the lies of the political propaganda. A great cleaning up is being carried out now in the government, as never before. This also is in answer to the decrees made in the late 1970s and other decades, as well as people’s prayers all over the world, then and now.