Aloha beautiful LOVE family,

We are going through strong cellular work on a regular right now, that is only going to increase as we go. All of us who are embracing this process and in “-service” (which is all of us, lol), doing our best to “manage the physical” and get the work-work done while honoring our own upgrades/re-encodements/embedding process. I will write briefly and then come back later, as I’ve got a pile of work to do as I can push through this here too.

We are becoming more etheric (more on this soon): Over the years of our soul , we all did much work within. Our purged, cleansed and cleared infinite everything that kept us held in denser . Transcending all of that took everything we had, in addition to fulfilling our own Soul Purposes and Galactic Missions here.

As /Gatekeepers, Star BEings, Souls (and infinitely so much more), there are processes that we all have to go through to accomplish “all of this for ourselves”. This is a journey of sacrifice (yet it is not, yet it is, so I will try to explain)….

Each one of us chose to come here, partake in the human experience (soul’s )/experiment (galactic ), both are true here. Each one of us came here to live deeply embedded in an unconscious human matrix of distorted illusions that we REALity, because at that time it was. Then it was time to awaken and move on.