​Human realities are being aligned faster/stronger by these ultra high frequencies activating daily now.

You must identify which aspect of you present in order to understand. This can change any moment that your higher-heart- is fully opened (expanded consciousness) or when your heart closes down/goes into fear/lack which diminishes your ’s capacity to open here.

Human does “just enough to get by” and then it goes human again. Desperation opens the heart/mind, yet human keeps one in a limited human reality (dimensional ) still. Little human does because it wants something, has ulterior motives, in “need”… yet it doesn’t understand that once it receives, to utilize what it receives in order to bring forth more here. Human thinks about it self, because it doesn’t know any better yet… this is what human experience is for… to the human what to do/not to do over and over again….. (especially collectively now). We as humans are “taught” what is truly important through the reconstructing of physical realities realities…

Your Angel self is , it does “just because”…. your human heart will open further each you DO from this place/space inside of you. Every time you DO from this place/space, you activate more of you ANGEL ASPECT to be embodied so that you WALK AS AN ANGEL on the here.