Marina Jacobi, 11 Dimensional ,
February 10, 2017


Dear friends I am going to back up Simon Parkes . He said that with in 2 years Trump will reveal to us new Free entry technology. I am happy to hear the same information that I received 3 weeks ago from the 11 Dimensional beings, that I only to 2 people.

We are the 11 Dimensional beings. We are here to tell you that With in 2 years from now the president Donald Trump will reveal to humanity . In order to do that, you have to be independent of oil and gas. This technology is taken from the E Tees . More is to come for humanity. Stay tune. Do not do protest but do unity . Must to your society. The vail is . If you to this message you are in the Ascension timeline. We congratulate you. We love you . You are us.
Much love to all.

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