The battle for the souls of humanity is raging all around you. The sheeple, whom they lead, are marching in anger with the very energy that your oppressors need as they struggle to hold on to their waning power. By giving them this energy, you are assisting in the destruction of all that you need to survive on Earth. You have become robots, obeying your masters without of the facts. You are being controlled by the that is owned and controlled by your oppressors. You have become puppets who foolishly obey their every command. You to do your own research, to seek , and investigate why you are being encouraged to take this action. It is to see such mindless cooperation with your enemies. Many will suffer because of your actions.

You are at the . Right now, it could go either way, and with so much stacked against you, the question should be of every action, will it hurt my fellow man. Ask yourselves honestly, why am I taking such actions? Am I just following the herd mindlessly, being of the crowd who are all rushing like sheep to the slaughter, dragging everyone else with them?