February 2, 2017 by Laura Phoenix

Since the beginning of time we have been fighting the battle of the sexes . I pushed away the divine masculine, it felt like it threatened my power . I ’t allow it to nurture me anymore . I ’t know how to balance this energy. I am a very evolved soul but at the time I was just experiencing with creators energy through me . The power of the divine masculine is just as powerful as the divine feminine. I feel that have been trying to focus in the divine feminine but have the of the divine masculine energy. Just as I Gaia have neglected it in the past. It has returned to the planet to help me heal. The divine masculine has return to me once again. Time is an , we are in the , we are healing all time lines. As they are existing . You assumed the divine feminine has been missing. It was both. There is balance that was lacking in my being. I didn’t allow the divine masculine to merge with me anymore. it has returned in this life time, and you are experiencing it on earth. I am allowing it to nurture me when I’m in pain. It is nurturing the entire planet. I indeed need the nurturing energy of the divine masculine energy. Everyday I feel this energy growing stronger in my being. It’s breaking down in the earth. It’s flowering my . It’s also flowering your . Be acceptive of the power from the divine masculine. It has so much to offer the earth. We have neglected the divine power of the divine masculine. This energy is not only merging in me. It is being reborned. I’m this divine masculine in my womb. I am transmuting all of the divine masculine, returning it to its purity once again so we can merge as one.