It is amazing how unconsciously ( directly of myself here) we can humanize God, Source, Creator… or as he said to call him “That.” What was strange, is calling God “That” and referring to him as That, felt like an object and uncomfortable on my tongue. And yet, having my solo guy on the field yesterday, I truly expected God to show up as a feminine energy. My jaw dropped to the ground when that didn’t happen!! I think my expectation was so high, which I usually check at the door and ’t bring to the field, that even the of my mans reading was nothing like I was anticipating, given the wild ride of the day prior.

Instead, my man showed up on of the petals, raised up about 6 feet in the air connected at his lumbar spine to a thin silver pole. His body was to the field and spinning clockwise like crazy. Fast. I had to ask for his body to stop spinning so I can see the details, which is how I realized the pole thing was part of his lumbar spine. I also noticed that from head to toe, he had these pollinator thingies in place of body hair, sticking out of his skin and clothes. Then he went back to spinning, and then I realized so more was happening. There was a double wind stream taking place thru his spin. He was releasing these light seeds to the earth and as the same , drawing in more of these light seeds from Source to constantly replenished.

It shown that he is releasing Source Light thru his body, but not always in the same way. The main way, what he is doing right now, 24/7 was setting his soul and cellular bodies up all over the world at the main offices to shed Light Seeds. I had to laugh when the first place they showed up was atop of the White House and there must have been a fan set up inside to make sure that most of these Light Seeds are blown away. Very few were absorbed and utilized. To contrast this, I seen what I guess would be Switzerland’s equivalent and they had set up to draw in these seeds and use them to enhance their selves as a governing body that eventually flow out to the .