’s update
February 7, 2017


This need to create a new and more plausible paradigm is vitally important to the historical spread of humanity. Humanity needs to feel that it it is quickly moving toward a greater acceptance of its expanding consciousness. This process took a series of consecutive to reach the point that it currently occupies. It is building upon a desire to return to capabilities humanity had long ago. These various stages were initially part of an operation that spanned the period from the fall of Atlantis to a few ago. Initially, it progressed slowly. Only when the Anunnaki began to pay less attention to us did it become a swift evolutionary operation. Over the past two decades this evolutionary procedure began to grow generation after generation. We saw our progress pick up and begin to evolve. Humanity began moving quickly toward the forging of a new species. This consciousness transformation truly epitomizes how you are on the verge a mass encounter with us.

This encounter is built around your acceptance that you are reaching the time when your concept of alters. You are approaching the outskirts of humanhood. This process is one that your ancestors were denied. When the Anunnaki changed sides, they opened up the possibility for you to rapidly evolve into something to what you were at the time when Atlantis fell. You have in you all the tools that you possessed when you were dropped into limited consciousness. The past three centuries saw Heaven speed up a slow-moving operation. This new timeline is by the fact that the Federation is here to aid humanity, and this the speedup to become more apparent. You are moving beyond the twisted genetics package that you all possess. In fact, the last few have begun to create the foundations for the changes that Heaven has given each of you.