Sheldan Nidle’s update for February 14, 2017

In the past few decades, the powers of the cabal began to slowly lessen. The dark and its many minions seemed to be as they were before. Yet eternally subtle changes were the landscape. The Anunnaki, seeing what the Ancharan continuum had done, suddenly to change how things were to be accomplished. This alteration to be addressed. The dark, as well, to assess how we were to fit into this newly reordered power puzzle. Our fleets had come from afar and were quickly thrust into the fray. Our was on carrying out a series of heavenly directives. These directives were given to aid humanity’s , at the right time, to its former state as fully conscious galactic humans. Those in of this old were ill-prepared to humanity such a far-reaching new set of abilities. Their prime purpose was to the status quo. The process of swiftly altering this in their view was to be quickly settled and thrown aside.