When the dynamics of your realities start to shift and change, well do you shift too in order to adapt for intentional continued to occur?

About a month ago we activated “adaptive algorithms” for how our realities would play out. About a week or so ago we were that the dynamics of our realities are about to dramatically change. The constructs, infrastructure, directions of realities are all birthed, built, managed and maintained from within. It takes awhile to see how all works in to all things here. .

Part of Diamond Light Code Consciousness is the ability to see the dynamics of all, how all correlates, how everything affects the whole, the intricacies of all that is , how all of the pieces and parts fit together, how all expands and contracts, re-configures when it does and fits together again.

Everything is a breathing, living organism here. Realities are too. It takes unity, , openness and full contribution by each of us for things to . If we contract down, go , pull away, go unconscious, then flow stops and this affects the dynamics of everything. When you can see how you are connected to all, how you are the nexus, how all emanates out from you, how all is created by what you do and do not do, you start to realize how important and affected everything is…..