We, the Beings, as one, come forth to share our essence and truth with you. We are always honored to be in your presence and to recognize the truth your essence embodies. We are now bringing forth the second phase of the anchoring and of Venus energy with Mother Earth. In 2016, you, humanity and Mother Earth embodied, accepted and recognised a deepening presence of love within yourself and around you. Many of you worked with our energy because of your wish to within a reality of love and for all to experience the same. Your compassion for humanity and Mother Earth is , and why you are upon the Earth at this time to experience the Venus Ascension Shifts, as well as many other ascension activations which are taking place constantly to the acceleration of vibration of all. Your natural ability to be compassionate to those around you, your wish to help and be of service at an energetic or level means that your chaulkrah is constantly opening, you are a conduit of light and love as well as holding the skills to support the ascension of others upon the Earth. You have so many skills and abilities, which to you seem unimportant or are so much a natural aspect of your being that you do not even recognise their value. We, the Venus Beings, wish to share with you that all that you are in this , is more than enough to assist you in being of service, and the ascension of the Earth and humanity. Many believe they must have fantastical spiritual skills to be of service to the Creator on the Earth and the inner planes. The truth is that you already do, it is simply that at this you are reluctant to recognize how well equipped you are for your journey upon the Earth.