by and . Susan Sammarco.

Everybody get in touch with your breathing. Begin to , begin to let go. Let go of any stress. Focus on your breathing as you begin to let go of any tension or problems that come up. Let that go out with the exhalation of your breath. Focus on your breathing. As you breathe in the golden white light you exhale out any tension. Relax, let go, your breath. Relax with your breath. As you’re breathing in the golden white light, see that light moving into your bloodstream, energizing the elements of your blood. And your blood carrying those energized particles throughout your body. Your body is filling with light. Light goes everywhere in your body. As your body is filling with light put all your attention in to your , your fourth . See that center as a deep blue-green color like a forest green. Then above that are three chakras, and below are three chakras. The three chakras below are normally red, orange and yellow. The three chakras above often are sky blue, purple, and the crown is often either violet or or gold. The thing is not the colors themselves but the brightness of the colors, the brilliance of the colors.