Date: March 4, 2017

Who In Hell Is The Light Of The World – Lessons 61-66 – The Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles

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Oldies But Goodies in Ufology

Has Anything Really Changed? So many years ago Mike Wallace interviewed Donald Keyhoe about UFOs and Government coverups. The recommendations of the original focus group to study the UFO phenomena was to reveal everything that had been found to date to the public, then move forward with continued and deeper investigation of the phenomena. Listen […]

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MARY MAGDALENE: What Is the Divine Masculine?

Received by Mercedes Kirkel Mary Magdalene: Each of you have your own inner Masculine and Feminine. We’re not referring to men or women as a gender, because all men and women have their Masculine and Feminine within. We’re addressing all gendered beings, understanding that everyone has their Masculine and Feminine. You may be more in […]

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I Am – Lord Michael – Emissaries of the I Am – February-23-2017

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