The 3217 31317 Kaleidoscopic Humanoids are on on , were created a Windows 10 Laptop & Android 4.4.4 ZTE Z987.

I used the following Windows 10 & Android 4.4.4 apps:

– Apophysis 7x.15 ( the fractal pattern image)
– Tapet Pro (Create base patterns)
– Kaleider 5.1.2 (Create a kaleidoscopic image using the base fractal image)
– Kaleider Plus (Create a kaleidoscopic image using the base Tapet image)
– Adobe Photoshop CC (Post the kaleidoscopic image from Kaleider)
– Autodesk Pixlr (Post Process the kaleidoscopic image from Kaleider Plus)
– GeoSetter (Encode GeoTags, IPTC-NAA/XMP, Exif, License, Attribution and Other )
– IrfanView 4.44 (Image Viewer, Batch Process – resizing, etc.)


Seth and the Galactics

LICENSE: Atribution 4.0 International
This work adheres to Cultural Works standards.
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