Aries ~ The First and Seventh By William Meader
March 22, 2017
Zodiac Aries – Artist : Eurika Urbonaviciute @ Eurika

Posted by paulinebattell, 03/22/2017

By William Meader


~ The First and Seventh Rays ~

As the first zodiacal , it is not surprising that Aries is a carrier of the First of Will and Power. It is a that conveys willful and assertive intention. Indeed, within the realm of mythological symbolism it has been associated the warrior on the march. These descriptions clearly point to the First Ray as the underpinning of this zodiacal force. Yet to fully appreciate the unique evolutionary role of Aries, it must be that it is primarily a futuristic . It cultivates within its human recipient the capacity to sense the paradigms cresting upon humanity’s horizon, and to bring them forth with and certitude. Aries is therefore the sign most associated with a particular type of first ray expression—the will to initiate.

The sign of Aries is also a custodian of the Seventh Ray. Most often associated with form and organization, the Seventh Ray also emphasizes the archetype upon which the form must be based. At its highest expression (through Aries) this ray essentially provides the archetypal pattern upon which emergent ideations must be built. This is why the Seventh Ray has been called the Ray of the Magician.

When on the Path, an individual strongly conditioned by the sign of Aries will meditatively sense the emerging archetypal blueprint (Seventh Ray). From this , an unbending energy of will (First Ray) then . This acts as the initiating force required in order to propel this new and progressive thoughtform into the mainstream of human living. Over aeons of time, this has been the central role of Aries in support of humanity’s evolution.

William Meader