I Am, , Emissaries of the I Am
February 23, 2017 by Christine Preston

The throne in heaven was upon the highest dimension, and in the Center, as well as the Spirit Within, an who embodies all creation in all . During this meditation my monadic I Am Presence gave me and , one after another, as above, then Archangel Michael came to me as the Self of my ascended twin flame, André, to expand upon the concepts. He is asking me to mention that there are Twenty Four Elders and they sit before the Throne in the presence of God at the highest level of being. They communicate the Masters and twenty four thrones and dominions which carry out the administration of the Universes through the Councils of Light. On the left hand of God are the archangels and they are extensions of this Creator. They chose the Divine and in this way are different from mankind. There are seven main Archangels and they have a feminine counterpart often to as a divine complement rather than a twin flame.