By Jennifer Neel, 03/21/2017

Greetings Dear Ones,

This is the Arcturian Council of Light and your collective guides at this time as we bring this message once again to welcome you into the new light! Yes, you may have been and reading MANY of these messages now, but we want to bring you to the of your true light. We are now of the fall of Atlantean times and what that means is you are creating the holographic new reality that ceased to exist during those times. the healing that needs to be done from your lives that occurred once again in your hips and aching bones as you journey into your truth even DEEPER this time and bring in a new wave of brand new light – brand new light that has not seen the ‘Earth’s surface before’, from a sole level at her core. These are new experiences for you all, do not fool yourselves into thinking otherwise. Yes, your souls have experienced many life times, but not like this before as your DNA archetypes are upgraded into a new surface of light wave experience.

by the Arcturian Council of Light and 9th Dimensional

(DNA activation and coding has been done so please go on yourselves after reading this one)

Jennifer Lee is a multidimensional channeler + gatekeeper for the Arcturian Council of Light. She is also an artist and author, here to guide others to the Truth of who they are during our Ascension times. She has a daily news channel, Arcturian News, a new book entitled of Impact, and the opportunity to receive personalized channelings, soul activations and lightcode healings here.