Lord Michael, Unfoldment Update, March 20, 2017
by Christine Preston

There are reasons why Archangel Michael fashioned his sword of blue flame as told many times in the messages received by this messenger during 2016, including one from Mary and Germain. They explained that in Lemurian days the laggards of Maldek were given permission to incarnate upon this platform of life. These old souls had remained in physicality in the conditions of a declining world that was eventually destroyed. They were in with the story in the book of Revelation according to which Archangel Michael cast a red Dragon upon earth. The laggards were angels who rose to power and were involved in creating the Atlantean supremacy with an agenda of world conquest. They caused the downfall of an entire civilization due to which the process of Ascension had to be aborted. During the period of reconstruction of civilization which started about 10,000 years ago, the of consciousness of mankind had to be reduced to a premature use of psychic powers as these incarnated souls had misused the power they had genetically inherited from their fathers, and there was a possibility that they would do it again. All hell had broken loose at the end of the Lemurian age as told in Genesis 6. That progeny had become experts in black magic and possessed technology. They were prevented from incarnating for some thousands of years so that the lightbearers could recover and rebuild civilization. The fallen angels were held in chains in the bottomless pits symbolic of the astral realms. Then they were allowed to reappear some time before Christ incarnated to hold a balance of Light in the world. He, the Master Jesus, initiated the removal of this satanic Prince of the World, these renegades of Maldek who had risen to power and benefitted from the experience they had gained in the material world by comparison to the inhabitants that had to a higher degree but were inexperienced in the world of physicality. The same powers rose to power once again in the new period of history and civilization as a reflection of the ancient model they had known on Maldek.