Lord Michael, Waters of Cosmologies
March 22, 23017 by Christine Preston

All of this should be taken into account by researchers who Genesis in respect of the separation of the Waters by a firmament, vault, or dome, because the tradition that ended up in Genesis apparently was an oral one in the first , or it borrowed from the Sumerian and Babylonian mythologies, as well as Gnostic scriptures. The science that the Flat Earth model and the that the earth does not move, seems to make more sense than Copernicus and Einstein’s theories. There also is plenty of evidence to that NASA only produces photos, or views, of the Earth, that have been altered using photoshop. Please refer to a introduction on this subject by Tommix, entitled ‘Flat Earth, the Real Name of the World’. But some researchers go by the word of the Bible despite the possibility that it has been tampered with.
I have come across the Tether phenomena. It has been claimed that a number of space tethers, have been deployed as a satellite system in space missions as a joint NASA-Italian Space Agency project, in 1992, for various purposes including research into tether propulsion, tidal stabilisation and orbital plasma dynamics. Refer to STS-46, Space Shuttle Atlantis, July 31- 8. There was another mission four years later, and the tether broke. One on the Secret NASA Transmissions: the Smoking Gun, has been blocked. There also are some footage which NASA didn’t have a chance to edit, but were intercepted by a space agency in Canada. If you search YouTube for a video with the words ‘Secret Transmissions’ you will an concerning this matter as well as some footage in black and white showing a multitude of moving objects, possibly spaceships, as well as an earth surface without curvature, except when the horizon is distorted by the lense.