Marina Jacobi, Composition and Harmonics,
11 Dimensional beings and of nine.
March 21, 2017

Dear please pay attention.
Dear friends we are the 11 Dimensional Beings and the Council of Nine. We think it is time to tell you how everything is connected to one and harmonics through the quantum field that you are made from. By us doing this we are opening the synoptical channels in your brain to become familiar with the quantum of our teachings.
The Structural locations of the universal magma are accordingly to their locational vibrational rates. That is called Proportional sequences. In the proportional sequences one plus one equals three, only if it is in harmonic resonance with the rest of the locational vibrations. That is also called composition. It is to understand that in the harmonics is locational vibrations. This is also in reverse in the quantum structure. Every new location in combination of units that are one plus one equals three are exchangeable and can mutate to same resonances of structures or the same sequences of frequency HZ. Location location location 3 again and again. All units are in of 3 systems. Why, you may ask? Because one plus one are in combination and together are mutating and creating the new third system. And this process repeats again and again to infinity. So you see the universal harmonics of synchronized of systems are always in new locations, always in new reconstructive frequencies HZ and always cocreating. It never stops. Consciousness never stops creating. So you see… Since you are made of the quantum structure and you are the consciousness itself that means that you are the creator to infinity. So know that you are limitless to your abilities to create and their is never boundaries. The only and boundaries that you will see is the ones that you curated yourself. So let it go. Be free now. Let it be. So it is.
Much love to all.”