by Mercedes Kirkel

Mary Magdalene & Yeshua ~ How Ascension Will Happen

Received by Mercedes Kirkel

[Note from Mercedes: This is a continuation of a from Mary, in which she describes the qualities of the Divine Masculine and Feminine, and how they to the ascension process.]

Mary Magdalene: The natural relationship of the Masculine and Feminine is a relationship of pure union.

This is the of reflection of Mother-Father God, because Mother-Father God are absolutely in union with each other, always. All of manifestation is actually reflecting the union of Mother-Father God, as long as your consciousness is open to it.

Our desire is to help you shift into the consciousness of what this is, in very ways, so that you can unite your Divine Masculine and Feminine.

More than anything else, the work on your part of uniting your Divine Masculine and Feminine is going to change your life. It is also going to change your entire world and the whole Earth realm.

Everything that you do for yourself is always affecting the whole. In fact, it’s creating the whole.

This is the way this ascension process is going to happen—by all of you, one by one, doing your work and your consciousness. Through that, you will change your and manifestation to one of total union of the Masculine and the Feminine.

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