Saint Germain ~ Recreating a Earth Based on Love and Harmony by Cherie Frances
March 22, 2017

Channeled by Cherie Frances, 03/21/2017

“Today’s will be about Love. Love of God and Love of the sinners is the same. It is all Love. All roads lead to one – The Divine. The divine embodiment of ourselves in its purest form is ever most viable when we are at our “wits ” and are taking the most of that life has to offer. Of course, this is inherently wrong as there must be with all things however, it is in the face of what limited time we have on Earth to procure the knowledge and wisdom when there is no other recourse to gain such insights and virtues as there is to play the demon and the villain. Alas it is with all of us that we have been one or all of these disembodied, discarnate spirits prowling the Earth in of our next disaster. or not, we have all been in future and lifetimes (as time does not exist you see) the villain and the “baddie” in timelines of horror when one looks (or forward) from original, fresh perspectives.