Dear Friends, many of your earth years I have been sending you messages to inspire you to open the sacred door to your own happiness and your own recognition as Beings of Light and Love. Some of my messages created confusion, some of them created fear, some of them you closer toward your goal in this great lifetime opportunity. Some of the messages be understood later, when you get through the mystical point of reaching and accepting the Truth about self, about your learning, about the purpose of our existence.

It is now the moment to move on, as my messages have fulfilled the purpose and is no need for more, because everyone have to find out own Truth, that is known only to oneself. Now we all have to focus on bringing this Truth to Life, to Reality and create something , Unforgettable, Uplifting and Enlightening that will carry us into further existence, that we all are preparing for. Experiences for myself will also change now, so I have to focus too on my own readiness for the New that is coming to me. I already feel the powerful energy flowing through me and feel how it is me closer and closer. I cherish the thought that the difficult learning is over and it is being replaced by beautiful loving experience.

Please remember that you are the for your own and the most important thing in moving on is to accept, understand and let go all that still makes your life difficult. No one else can forgive yourself but you and no one else can express desire and will to change but only you. Do you see how powerful you have become?
And Love will always support you, because She is growing each moment as the whole Universe is sending powerful energy to support the change.
May the Love open your hearts and brighten all the dark places within and leave you shining and receiving the message of the Truth and Love that is behind it all.