The Arcturian Group
March12 , 2017 by Marilyn Raffaele

As wayshowers it is your responsibility to act, , and your state of . For example, a wayshower (without thought) often demonstrates problem resolution through the love and respect reflected in his life, , and actions. This in turn will be observed by some who have always believed that resolution is only possible through force, law, or violence. A of truth has been planted in their consciousness.

Many spiritually prepared are now observing, seeking answers, and new methods of problem solving. They will see and seek you out because of their . They feel your energy and are drawn to it. invisibility is about to change or already has for many of you because you have become Light workers.

Do not panic, for being a Lightworker does not mean you will never again have a personal life or be able to do the things you love. It simply means that you endow every action, , and activity with Light simply because it is your state of consciousness. You still do the every day ordinary things, but now with deeper awareness.

We wish to speak of alignment. The energy yourself align with, you manifest. Alignment means becoming one with the energy of some person, idea, belief system etc., allowing it to be yours–temporarily or permanently. Many of you may be finding that you are having more accidents, little mishaps, and irritating experiences. This is because planetary and personal energy has become very intense, resulting in the instantaneous manifestation of whatever you are in alignment with.