By: Victoria Cochrane.

Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings From the : : A Tool of the Universe
‘Time waits for no a powerful and well-known saying and, on Earth, is true. The ticking of a clock indicates that time marches on regardless of tragedy, death, loss or unaccountable sorrow. However, the laws of the Universe state that time is not a reality beyond the boundaries of Earthly existence and that the Universe is not dictated by time at all. As the restrictions of time do not apply, time can therefore be manipulated by those on Earth who more or less time. One can also go backwards or forwards in time to send or to past or future events.

Beings who live beyond the Earth’s solar system time tunnels or portals to travel great distances as a of course and there are many humans who use the timeline for their healing and psychic purposes. The fact that time is only a human construct and does not actually exist means that the concepts of past, present and future do not actually apply, which opens up all manner of and explanations for those who are aware of this fact. One can be living a past, present and future life all at the same time, and some people are. The majority of humans are not aware of this and for good reason, as the manipulation of past or future events could be disastrous. However, for those who have vivid dreams or premonitions of events that later come true or who remember people, places or events from the past that you have never met or witnessed, this information is helpful and welcome.