Ascension Symptoms Restructuring ~ Shekina Rose ~ Blue Ray

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray
a message from Shekina Rose / Blue Ray
Monday, 13 March, 2017
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Light Bearer, Starseed and Blue Ray, the ascension New Earth shift has brought you to on your amazing spirit journey of many pathways, raising the frequency through karma, healing and transformation, living many lives in one. Together you have passed through certain gateways and stargates as the 11 11 and 12 12 for the ascension to occur.

Many of you at different phases of this year 2017 are the Goddess ascension stargate 13 and will experience purging and detoxing of the physical body and DNA blueprint. This cleansing can feel deep within your bones of your human evolution as you transcend old constructs, time lines, paradigms, galactic history and structures.

This is unknown and uncharted territory that can feel like a death and rebirth emerging, with experiences of “walk-in” energies. Soul exchange from Central Source is rewiring new pathways of the brain and interdimensional thinking of higher spiritual and cosmic levels. Yet to enter this stargate may feel like a descension where you are being shown what you have not to know about yourself, the world and others. The extremes in polarities are being so that you can arrive at neutrality, to not disown , react in fear or run from life and be divided in duality.

You are being called to come back from any extremes that have served you to create balance and harmony within the systems of Creation. Your body template is responding to the core essence of the alliance of your expanded nature, the counterparts, unloved parts, devic kingdom and elementals, back through the line to the whole of Creation.

We wish to say from the Blue Ray of Creation, you are greatly loved, revered and seen. Your sensitive empathic nature is a great gift for the Earth and the . It is a beautiful strength for you honor Nature and know its healing spirit.

Entering Goddess Ascension Stargate 13