ATF André, Antiquity of the Matrix of Lies, April 20, 2017
by Christine Preston

It was during the Lemurian Age that the souls of the Archdeceivers, and of the evil bloodline, were allowed to come into incarnation. You know the story from the previous messages, especially the one from Mother Mary on why Michael fashioned his Sword of Blue Flame and approached the high of Lemuria. It was to warn them and for the of the Mystery Schools that were to teach the Path of Ascension, as well as to provide to keep the people from the propaganda of those dark ones, those magicians of the Black Art, or Black . These magicians were represented with the Serpent symbol in the Garden of Eden. In the Greek tradition, the struggle between Zeus and Typhon relates to the war between good and evil of the Atlantean days. The Spiritual Hierarchy of the higher realms was represented by the gods of Olympus, and Typhon was depicted with serpent limbs. The archonic souls of a primordial time were allowed to during the Lemurian Age and, in fact, they had been defeated in battle with Michael and his heavenly legions. Then, as the text of the book of Revelation claims, they were ‘cast on earth’. They had been expelled from the higher realms. Then they were allowed to embody in the hope they would reform themselves. But instead of that they worked their way up in the Lemurian society, and having had more experience in physicality, though of a higher dimensional nature, in a previous age, they were more intellectual, and had a greater capacity for dominion. They infiltrated the higher echelons of the Lemurian system, already possessing a that led them to misuse the and walk the path of . They broke away from the Lemurian Motherland and the Atlantean civilization.