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April 1, 2017
Change, then Change Again & Again. We are in a Fast Moving, Unstable !! ~ Lisa Gawlas

Here we are, April 1st, the beginning of two of this changing year. A so it needs 6 to move thru it. I think we can look at this phase as orienting ourselves into a brand new life that has never existed before. Kind of daunting, kind of exciting.

I sit here this morning with the energy of a new wave swelling up from deep inside me, building to something new. Of course, I am down to my last three in Florida, in my mother life, or at least, what was my mother’s life.

There was so much I wanted to share with all of you from ongoing revelations since the Marco Island adventure, but they seemed to blend in to this new wave slowly building in me, in my . Instead, I have stared at the screen and was given a sort of life review. A spiritual life review, my teams way of preparing me for this next phase. I share with you to perhaps help you in the same way.