By: Lisa Transcendance Brown.

Do you REALLY REALLY REALLY want a REALity that is FREE from all of the old? ♥


What are you “willing to do” (as love) for a whole REALity that is exquisite and provides you with all that you truly desire, supports you , makes it easy for you?

Are you willing to focus on your own vibration, your own actions and take responsibility yet? Are you ready to JUMP, take that LEAP and go for it yet?

Are you willing to COMMIT to yourself as a SOUL, focus on your , focus your own energy on CONTRIBUTING to all of HUmanity now?

Have you EXPERIENCED (subjected yourself to) the lower unconscious density realms//timelines enough yet?

Are you FEEDING your light, feeding your spirit and SHARING the so that others can awaken, be aware, experience this too? Are you still , keeping things for yourselves, judging and seeing others as still unconscious too?

You are a Portal…. As you , you have the capABILITY to expose others, ignite others, inspire others and SHOW them, through your presence, your vibration, your own words, your own expanded state…. THESE REALITIES DO EXIST…. why would you such a thing? Unless you are not sure/don’t fully believe yet….. unless you are judging THE NEW/NEW EARTH as too weird…… then how do you expect to arrive if you cannot fully accept these realities yourself yet?