By Ann Albers.

Finding Peace ~ Ann & The Angels April 08 2017 By Ann Albers
Hi Dear Friends!

This week the angels talk about Finding Peace… no matter what.

Love you all!
♥ Ann

Message from the Angels
Messages from the Angels
My dear friends, we love you so very much,

In the midst of a chaotic world or a chaotic life, you can find always peace. Peace is fleeting when it depends upon life looking as you wish. Lasting peace, however, is not dependent on outer . Lasting peace is based on the understanding that everything is always in right order if you look at life from the soul’s perspective. are those who anxious and disturbed in a quiet room and there are those who peace in the midst of bombs dropping around them.

There are many external things that disrupt your peace, but what truly disrupts your peace internally is either fear or . The more you can embrace life around you as it is, and the more you can trust in the love that lies beneath all creation, the more peaceful you heart will be.

You may fear for your safety and financial security, but in reality if you could trust that your needs will always be met you would feel peace and experience not only security, but true abundance. If you knew how indestructible your soul truly is, the attacks of the world would mean little, for the light of you soul can never be destroyed or diminished… not even in death.

You may fear you will be alone forever, but if you were to trust that the Creator wants to guide you to those of like mind and like heart you would be peaceful, radiant, and happy and you would be easily to your “tribe.” Your peace would attract others unto you.

Try, in each , to say to yourself. “LIfe is as it is, and it is perfect in this for my soul’s into love. Even as I create a happier life, I trust the perfection of this .”

We know this is extremely while you are wrapped in the paradigms of human thought. You have been taught to believe death is a finality rather than a doorway. You have been taught you cannot be happy until… You cannot be peaceful until… At times it is very hard to transcend the programming. And yet , it is our duty in the to gently and lovingly you that if you can embrace with faith that there is a perfection in this moment that you may never understand until you look back upon your life, through the eyes of God and your soul, then peace will come.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels