I Am Presence, The Electrical Regenerator, April 12, 2017

We wanted to stretch it as far as we could, as far as you could take it. You felt the effects upon your heart chakra. It is where is situated the point of entrance of the energies of which the apparatus dispenses. Your body then needs to adjust to the treatment the next day and you experience some tiredness, but this is followed later a replenishment that extends your life. We bring to you this form of healing by the means of a technology that your physical eyes are unable to see, but that works upon the etheric system of your four lower bodies that is the closest to your nervous system. This is in contrast the idea of the healing you, and the lightworkers, may receive in astral or etheric to the Retreats of the Masters, as well as their Light chambers, while you are asleep and the healing is applied to the core of you while not in your body, in the case of which the healing has to trickle down to your physical body a delay. The electrical Regenerator is more and it is not for the healing of particular ailments, but to recharge you the dynamic that is lost age. You will continue receiving healing in various forms and for different problems. For instance you are being charged the power of the different such as the Seventh Ray relating to the Violet Flame, and it brings solutions to the various problems you experience in life to karma, or imbalances, or situations. It has a liberating effect and works in partnership the and swords of flame of certain Elohim and to liberate mankind from the dominion and influence of the dark forces, the archdeceivers, as well as their indoctrination.