Jesus, by Jennifer Snell
April 5, 2017

I am Jesus the Christ and I come to you with reverence and love in my heart. Dear , we are at now a tipping point on your beautiful Planet. The waves of love are now continuously rolling in on the . It in propensity. We are now on the precipice of a huge shift of consciousness. Many of you have been on this road for a very long time. Now is the beautiful culmination point, Master Healers, of a very long journey back to yourselves. Children of Light, the Elohim, many eons ago you came down into form to assist humanity. Upon reconnecting with the magnetic field of Earth, many, if not all of you, forgot who you truly were. This was all part of the journey back to yourselves. Many of you experienced suffering from your thoughts and emotions as well as the joys of the material world. It is a grand roller coaster at times, no? My father’s house has many mansions.
My mother’s house has many mansions. Each one is specific and beautiful in it’s own unique energy. You are the seekers of the . You travel and you discover. This is your destiny. Now is the time to come into your full potential and to honor your life purpose. We support you fully. We love you unconditionally. Please with us, the Ascended Masters. We every request and we are in service to you. Just ask and we will assist. As our collective energy grows, the of light expands and expands and expands. We share with you the sacred symbols of the Elohim. Focus in on these symbols as you do your healing work. It will amplify the energy. As we move into the beautiful energy of Easter and my resurrection, please focus in on the unconditional love I have for you. As I am you and you are me.
We Love You,
Jesus the Christ and the Ascended Masters

Listen to the and Remember.