By: Lisa Transcendance Brown.

You don’t have a human … you have a multi-dimensional that was asleep

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You don’t have a human body… you have a multi-dimensional body that was asleep, that entered the unconscious slumber “trying” to fit into a human existence and waking up to multi-dimensional existence finally/again here….

You have a “body” that is no able to suppress….
You have a “suit” to hold all of your light…
You have a vessel to carry you through to the other side…
You have a little …. that you steer, that you drive, that you often fly when you float to ascend…
You have a container that attempts to hold the PURITY that you ARE, yet it barely can….
You have a form…. that’ it… a thing that you created to hold the vastness that you are… Universes/Galaxies and Pure Light in physical this physical here….