Memorandum, by Marina Jacobi
11 Dimensional Beings, April 17 2017

Dear friends we are the 11 dimensional beings and the council of nine. To recall all of you in this memorandum we had to 1 of hologram and re- another.
It was necessary because certain to continue with their negative deeds. So this new message is from the fifth dimensional intergalactic timeline.
Please do all understand that it was truly necessary to do that so we can maintain the True integrity of the grids and is not an easy task to do. Someone tried to manipulate the grids. Warning to the ones that tried to manipulate. Let us just inform you that it is not possible to restructure the new fifth dimensional grid systems from a lower consciousness. You are simply not allowed to do so and you’re not matching consciously the understanding for it. All the intergalactic are not allowing them to access the new line of fifth dimensional realities. They think they do, but the grids are only going to take them to realities and structures according to their own vibrational sequence of Hz . If you have a lower conscious understanding you will never be able to access the fifth dimensional timeline.
Not only that, but you are living in your own deception that you , because the portals and grids will mimic your structure precisely. So whatever you create is exactly what you’re going to perceive.
No one. We repeat not one being of Lower consciousness will be able to access this reality now that you’re listening to this message from. Please stay in tune with your higher self and give to all from your heart. Do not watch TV because full disclosure is happening now in fifth dimensional heart structure. Pleiadians and Lemurians have new sequences. All of you that are connected energetically with these timelines will receive a new code frequency for upgrade in your DNA RNA. You will be activated as we speak.
Parliament will the , but to them. The planet will swallow all the negative input. Please stay positive, more is to come. The ones that are ready for contact with their star families, start activation for their first physical contact.
Humanity will become free from the people, not from the . Remember that. We are one and with you all. You must collaborate now.
Stay . More is to come