11 Men, 18 Mac, 13 Caban.

Dratzo! The madness of this odd reality continues to bring forth constant new interpretations of how this world works. We are in a quandary to figure it all out. Because of that, we are in a holding pattern, but are still in the process to make possible the predicted release of the RV and the end of the old USA, INC. This realm is filled with constant pitfalls that somehow turn into blessings that everything . We expect to shortly hear that the initial long awaited payouts have at last . Those in charge of this task insist that the current misguided of this realm is not to defer this much-prolonged moment. We expect to hear the good news and know that is about to . This journey of yours is constantly tainted by the devious skullduggery of the supposedly helpless dark cabal. We tend to laugh at their assumptions. Our belief is that a major set of miracles is about to descend and change everything.

RV – HOLDING PATTERN! Sheldan Nidle April 11 2017 Galactic Federation of .