’s update for April 4, 2017


13 Kan, 7 Mac, 13 Caban

Selamat Jalwa! Because of the to manifest a new de jure government that is to be in full compliance with NESARA, is an enormous amount of U.S. notes involved in the first major payouts. Hence, it was decided to move the NESARA Republic’s Treasury in the West. This process is allowing a number of future payouts to occur more efficiently than was initially expected. The immensity of these initial payouts indicates this will formally implode the old, illegal USA, Inc. It is believed that this operation is to also mean that the government in Washington is to ultimately cease to exist, and will also signal the end to all the usual shenanigans that are presently the daily norm. Those that are to forge the new NESARA government are busily establishing a number of procedures that are to the first official days of the Republic. This is scheduled to spark others that are to this globe from the edge of war to a long era of peace and . It is also to officially signal that global debt slavery is over.