’s update for April 11, 2017


Hooray! We are your Ascended Masters! We come with a Joy that acknowledges how wonderfully you are growing and preparing yourselves for a new reality. This forming land is soon to be Blessed by Heaven and therefore able, at the right time, to magically appear. Our operation is to ready these things and prepare ourselves for the manifestation of this inner magnificence! Do not fret, blessed Ones! This new realm is to arise out of the present miasma that currently covers this land of misplaced dreams. You are destined to soon see these wonders and a new reality appear! We just how easily you often confuse the coming of Good with bad. We understand why Heaven has so disguised all of this, and that it is leaving you confused in the midst of this specially planned conundrum. This process is now to dissolve and become something that you are to see more clearly.

This process is a means to allow you to see things in a much more appreciable . It is something that is to change as your consciousness grows. In this new awareness, you are to see us more clearly and better understand how all of this needed to occur. It is often not easy to view old beliefs in new ways. We encountered this as we started our own training to become good and reliable Ascended Masters. It is in the pouring of these new bottles of perceptions that you learn how to reorder your old . It is in doing this regularly that you learn to see things differently. You have all swiftly learned about the power of your collective vision. Now you are to show yourselves the next , reasserting new beliefs with these most visions. This reorganization of your old perceptions into new ones is vital to what you do next.