The Arcturian Group, April 23, 2017
by Marilyn Raffaelle

The pain of betrayal (the reason for most requiring forgiveness), remains long after the event, person, or organization is no longer a part of life because the intense emotions of the experience are usually solidly stored in cellular memory, ready and able to activate at the smallest provocation. Try not to resist, for resistance gives power and reality to the emotions, , etc. you seek to move beyond. Instead be patient and loving with yourself when you are hurting. Acknowledge that these painful emotions for now are a part of your energy but that there is no law holding or supporting them. to the of your physical body, visualize them filled with Light and tell them it is ok and not to fear the release of old and finished energy.Know that it is ok to pamper yourselves, there is nothing unspiritual about doing the things you love, and just life. Teachings that separate the spiritual and the human are false, based in religious doctrine created by un-evolved human and not God. There is nothing outside of the ONE, it is only the human mind’s false belief system that interprets some things as spiritual, but other things not. The essence of all things is Divine for it is all there is.Painful and unresolved issues between two (often dominance, or victim) will remain in cellular memory and be carried into each lifetime continuing to manifest between the same in different . This type of connection between people results in the formation of energy cords.