The time and space have come at last and have always been, when the message of the New Testament of the resurrected man Jesus are coming into this continuum of time. And it’s impossible if you are watching this that you are not part of the healing . Everything has gone before. This is a review of what has already occurred. This is an acceptance of a realization that all of the continuity of space time is going on in this time and in this place and it’s going on in your mind. But the self that you recognize in your own mind is the self of Adam, the self of separation, the self of the body. So, the directions of our savior say to us that standing next to you is the light and love of Jesus who has been with you since the of the insertion into time in a declaration of apparent independence in light form from the entire creative reality of Universal Mind.

So the teachings of Jesus, and all he really says in the scripture is, “ here with you now. I will with you in the completion of this process.” Let’s still down just for a moment, shall we? Sometimes we come into the aspects and intervals of our time mind determined to continue to ourselves in the illusion of sequential time. We’re going to take just a moment now to show that down, alright? . That’s better. See the healing aspects of that coming to us? Let’s listen just for a moment to a prayer, a meditation in this Course In Miracles through the saviorship of Jesus that is allowing us for just a moment to be still and see that we never really left the kingdom of God.

Listen. Here’s who you are:

Lesson 252 – The Son of God is My Identity.

My Self is holy beyond all the of holiness of which I now conceive. Its shimmering and perfect purity is far more than is any light that I have ever looked upon. Its love is limitless, with an intensity that holds all things within it, in the calm of quiet certainty. Its strength comes not from burning impulses which move the world, but from the boundless Love of God Himself. How far beyond this world my Self must be, and yet how near to me and close to God!

Father, You know my true Identity. Reveal It now to me Your Son, that I may waken to the truth in You, and know that Heaven is restored to me.

From The New Continuum Of Time Series
with The Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles.

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