Thy Kingdom Come
April 27, 2017 by Dayne Francis

When I move love moves and when love moves they call it the holy , this can’t be contained or restricted, it must be let loose to not repress for it is the creative of life, of , of spaces between spaces and beyond, for love in compass harmony, and in harmony there is procreation, there is peace there is direction there is hope and by faith hope comes to and destiny is , which is the same as saying born. For when a child is born into this world it is love doing what it does. The human feeds not only on food and water but its most important meal is love. The is more vibrant and ready for life when love is the order of the day. All teachers of truth teach love, however the misunderstanding of seeking love from outside experiences have led many astray. It is to feel love for life inside, when looking at the outside world. The outside world reflects what we are aware of in the outside world, it is to know what is of in life which is life itself and by living by holding precious life has the highest regard, you harmonize yourself with nature on all dimensions of itself. When this is achieved around you becomes a lot simpler to live in, for you choose to be you shall be and your will which is life’ will, which is love will, which is God’ will not letting words be a barrier will be done in harmony with your surroundings. Even if your surroundings be vexing, you are the bringer of wellbeing for all you have to give is what you have on the inside and that is love.