Urgent From Archangel Michael ~ Current Energies, Comet Blessings Full of Downloads
April 01, 2017

By Archangel Michael

Greetings Dear Ones, I have come to provide an update on the current energies. The energies of April have been in full effect since March. Many have felt these intense energies bringing all that doesn’t resonate with our Soul… . These blessings allow the opportunity to these dense energies into the light, to allow the anchoring of higher consciousness, your full integration of the Soul… the Higher Self. Many of you are also seeing how these energies are affecting your surroundings, people and societies. We now have a comet shooting across the celestial bodies, with downloads for the next of the planet’s and humanity’s evolution. Let us delve deeper into these energies and provide clarity how this affects the human collective. As always Dear Ones, awareness transforms into consciousness.

The Disease on The Planet

The mind… the ego, are conditionings of lower frequencies which cannot excel beyond the 4th dimension. This was created intentionally by the “old controllers”, so that you can never connect with the Divine, Source, Prime Creator, Mother of All Creation, the Holy Spirit. The mission of the light workers is to transform all the denser energies, dissolving the ego, anchoring higher consciousness, to bring forth Heaven on Earth. Those not resonating with the energies of the celestial bodies are simply in the mind. You can feel this within yourselves and can see this clearly within your societies.

Many have asked: “Why such intense reactions within people and our societies?” This Ascension Process is about evolution. We are moving from the mind to the Heart… All Heart, connecting to the Unified Heart, The Cosmic Heart… Unity Consciousness. What you are seeing and witnessing is karmic energies being played out. Also, the mind reacting to the energies of the celestial bodies, Heaven energies… Unity Consciousness.

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