By: Lisa Transcendance Brown.

Your Journey Back from Amnesia Sleeping Matrix Unconsciousness & Emerging on Earth in the Physical through Crystalline Matrix Embodiment


Activating and opening the Chambers of Your Pure Heart & Higher Mind/Universal (& Galactic) Consciousness

Beauty and simplicity, a connection to all as ONE, silence, , peace and a love that transcends all things human….

Anything can your heart, when you are truly ready for this to occur. The doesn’t matter, just that the EXPERIENCE occur. That which was “” and forgotten from our existences “before”…

Before is just a vibration, other existences are too… for when you raise/expand your consciousness fully all emerges/occurs/is experienced in “this moment right here”….

The feelings, the visuals, the experience itself… not of another “time” anymore, but this one right now….

The dissolving of separation within allows this to occur. All of the emotion comes forth and floods every cell….

The human body & mind don’t understand what is occurring or quite how to handle this, yet your highest aspect you does and will…. this is what you must into/allow to experience fully what you came here to REMEMBER again….