a message from The Blue channeled by Shekina Rose / Blue
Thursday, 11 May, 2017
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Peace Makers Call into Action of service The dark serves

You are vital for peace on the planet to take root. There are myriad expressions of the human DNA experiment on Gaia today. Because of certain influences of the creator gods, what appear as negative aspects are being played out on the Earth plane where man’s inhumanity to man and the greater whole is still being acted out.

Many humans do not truly understand that being in service to others, they are truly serving themselves and the greater whole. They are still mired in dogma, forcefully holding onto what power they think they have for of losing all control, not realizing that in order to access the road (true power), letting go of everything one thinks one knows is key.

It is difficult for them to even have access to this type of understanding due to their nature and DNA influences. Their actions can cause great and suffering and are passed throughout the lineages and DNA. Because of this and other aspects that are now in the process of shifting and being revealed, the span on Earth had been shortened drastically. Once-upon-a-time, lifespans of 300 to 1000 years were the norm for the masters and many star races and provided the opportunity to see and experience the effects of what one had created (or miscreated) with their energy.

Many beings have been sent here to Gaia to help restore the empathic genetic lines of , oneness and service to others. The empathic sensitives are volunteers coming via the ascended masters, Shambhala, Blue Ray, Indigo, Crystal, Golden, Green, Rose and Christ template to assist in restoring the holy lines of light.

The empaths are sensory and feeling oriented as they pick up signals and messages through their innate intuitive awareness of others and the subtle field frequencies and higher dimensional realms. They can feel the pain of others and receive and knowledge from music, places, people, pictures and the ethers. They tune into Nature and receive through their sensory awareness from the subtle field frequencies and higher dimensional realms.