By Shivrael Luminance River.

Energy : Dreams in Alignment with Love
5/6/2017 0 Comments

We passed through a window in the past week in which energy has been intense again. Some may have had or sprains, fevers, emotional or old patterns, emotional ups and downs, feeling agitated or angry for no good reason, feeling sad, feeling electricity in their bodies, or feeling tired. I felt emotional and I felt tired. In Mt.Shasta, a sacred area of the planet, we things.
I noticed that 3 of my friends had posted cloudship photos of sightings above and near the mountain. Lenticular clouds gather and are thought to be cloaked lightships. I am including a couple here and also a ray of light coming down diagonally to Mt.Shasta. The three photos above were taken by Deborah Cardenas recently. We felt the energy intensity and shared our , noting that something big was up!

What has been going on in the higher levels? Why are we feeling this way? On the higher levels, there are many beings of light working on our behalf. In Mt. Shasta we are noticing something crazy stuff going on!

We sensed that this was the so many were called together to find out what is going on. What we found out was magnificent and profound. I am so excited to share it. To access information and experience multidimensional sensing, receive healing and attunement, we tuned in to in a shamanic drum journey. Most of what I share is my own vision and perspective of experience, but it is confirmed by others seeing the same thing in their own way.

We that the Star nations including the Arcturians are supporting us and gathering thus the sightings of cloudships. One person who is a of a book about Telos with the Lemurians shares that ascended masters from Lemuria are meeting too, and they are doing ceremonies that change the energy of the planet. Some of us have come together to see with our multidimensional senses what is going on on the planet and in Mt.Shasta, and underground in the Fifth Dimensional City of Telos underneath Mt.Shasta, which is legendary. We get confirmation and intel from a shared experience that takes place privately for each of us during our shamanic drum journey to Telos. Then we each share our experience afterwards.