Enhanced Christed StarGate Systems: This Passageway Has Been a Doozie as a Gatekeeper/Gridkeeper and My Own Personal Cleansing Process too

The two go hand-in-hand….

On a Mega-Multi-Dimensional level, we have been experiencing/doing a lot to clear old of any “heavy” suppression to complete this week long process of Crystalline StarGate Integrations, which is a huge level-up for us all. Going through it can be very taxing, challenging and throw us for a loop, even for the intentionally conscious, if you will….

What this week has been accomplishing on a Gridwork/Gatekeeper and Collective/Personal level is huge. Today marks one full week of what has been a 3-stage process from activation to alignment to completion of a Christed/Unity/Crystalline StarGate System, which “targeted” any suppressions to purify/cleanse so that we can shift into a much LIGHTER (density) timeline… and powerful is an understatement for sure. Threw me for a loop…. Awareness is KEY, and going back to basic consciousness-shifting skills has been as well.

Last Sunday, we had Stargates activate (inner/outer, galactic, inner earth, inside us/our field, in Gaia… ALL…. I wrote a bit about this initiation of our Stargate Systems no longer being suppressed as all went through “Christing” the StarGates, basically…. What I didn’t was how much it was going to trigger to surface and that it was going to take all week (we will see if today completes or if there is more to this process)….

On Wednesday, the WESAK Full Moon, we went FULL ON POWER for Phase 2 of this Christ’ing of our StarGate Systems, which meant a whole new aligning on a much higher level/Lighter Density than ever before. This means “nothing can through” that is not of Christed Energy. All things suppressed (in the physical body and Gaia) have been activated to purify and cleanse. That day, I was “inoperable”, having to shut down completely and observe the complete re-configuration process and allow my whole body-being to as “fast” as it “came through”. I had to shut all electronics off, pull completely away and to integrate instantly too. This is the “new standard”, instant of our fields, instant integration, instant everything… which means we are so not able to through the biggies, which are a regular thing daily now.