Michael, Changes to Come, Personal and Global,
May 8, 2017 by Christine Preston

At the Second Initiation, the lessons to control of the emotional , which used to take lifetimes, have been activated. The control of the emotions is related to the astral body and what is referred to as the 4th density is parallel to the Astral Realm. The second Initiation relates to this control and is the hardest of all testing and overcoming. Many desires have to be conquered for this Initiation, and it is to do with all of the human of the lower nature. This lower nature is the human consciousness that attracts mortality to itself. The more it is , the more is being integrated. At this stage, on a global and personal level, and symbolically , the capstone of higher consciousness, which the archdeceivers, or occult , or Establishment, to veil from you, is re-attached to the symbolic of soul .