Marina Jacobi, The 3rd strain DNA, May 30, 2017

The 11

Hello dear friends. We are the 11 dimensional beings. We wanted to give you an explanation for the new third strain DNA. This can be recognized from very advance genetic scientific work. Nano scientists and sacred geometric metaphysics. You must understand that the new 3rd strain DNA is not visible under a microscope because it is in the form of fractal frequency light.
First the sequences are implemented in your resonating molecular structure. When the vibratory rate increases to the desired frequency, structural of the molecular structure, of all the frequency molecules in you start to vibrate to the one portal in reverse, to the regional frequency count down. Again you must know Sacred Geometry and nano medical to the DNA to understand this info:
Literal TPT and QRF is the new sequence of resonance of the third DNA RNA frequency codon.
The is that the third strain DNA is and is not visible under the microscope .
The activation was already done for certain individuals and your third strain DNA is already working, or should we say vibrating in full capacity like a sub sound.
Well… you ask us: How do you find the sub sound?
Merge the two DNA strains sound geometry in one sound and the third DNA strain sub sound will appear. The sub sound is the new third strain DNA codon.
Warning !!! Do not try to manipulate the new third strain DNA codon. The third string DNA cannot be removed because it is coming from five dimensional structure and no negative consciousness will be able to remove it. It’s on nano and it will destroy your lower on vibration consciousness. Remember nano sequences are mimicking your thoughts emotional structure. You will destroy your own DNA if you try to manipulate the third strain DNA codon.
So do not say that we did not warn you.
The new third strain DNA is monotonic sound frequency but is and fractal.
The sound is Reverberating subtle vibrato and is specifically designed for each individual. The third strain DNA is a life consciousness and recognizes and shuts down when implemented with negative consciousness when someone will try to manipulate.
That means that no negative consciousness will be able to have the 3 strain DNA structure codon. Recall all the frequency in one and you will have the sounds. The scientists still have a difficult time to understand that you can redirect heal and liberate all the DNA structural sequences just by fractal sound geometric light mathematical structures sound Hz.
So here it is. Let it be just for information.
But humans know that in the new beginning we will personally pick the scientist that will work among us. We will give you more advanced technologies when the time comes. We are watching you. Your separation and competition will not be welcome with us. Unity work for humanity will be the one and only thing that we will be looking for. We wish you good luck and soon is the contact on individual levels. Know that all the negative grids are down. The new fifth dimensional Earth grids are working in full capacity. So create and give and share as one. We are here to greet you.
Make and rise your with us. And together we will help you build your new fifth dimensional Earth Aria.
We are the 11 dimensional beings, and good luck to all. ”

Much love to all.
Marina Jacobi