Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco.


I AM Sananda.

I Am here once again with you just as each time I come to share to be a of this continuing expression of remembering and knowing who you are. Because it so important as these times continue on that you come completely to that understanding of who you are, what you are here to do.

You are our arms and legs. You are our eyes, our voices. We cannot do it but through you because you are the channels, you are the vessels that we as the ones who continue to mentor to you and with you, you are the ones that we are working through. In all different ways, not only channeling such as this but automatic writing and whispering to you in many different ways we continue to help you to move ahead, move along in your training program that we some time ago. And you yourselves took this upon yourselves.

You have assumed the mantle once again of being the warriors, being the ones who would take this to the next level for without you there would not be a next level. Without you this planet, Gaia, would not continue to exist.

Understand the ramifications of what I am saying now. Without you all of this, this ascension process, would not be.

You are the ones that are making this happen. As you are the ones that are making this happen it is up to you, each one, to begin to understand, begin to know, begin to remember. As the changes begin to develop you will begin to remember. You will begin to remember not only where you came from but what you are here to do.

You will remember all of those that you left behind or that left you behind. You will long once again for that reunion, that coming together again. I speak not only of your souls and that connection but to all of the soul families that you have, each one of you have. And you are all coming back to that, all coming back to that reunion. And yes, many of us are part of your soul family.

Many of us are waiting for that time, preparing for that time to be able to welcome you upon our ships, down within the Inner Earth, the of Light, all of this. But do not lose the knowing of what you are here for now, in the moment, in the now. This is not about the future. This is not about what is coming. It is about what is now. It is about who you are, what you are, and where you are at this point in your continuing evolvement of consciousness.

And please understand that all of you as you are moving through this , as you are moving through this transition, you are simply moving back to where you have been previously. Yes it is called an advance. Yes you are advancing on. But for most of you, you are advancing on to where you once were before.

And as you come closer and closer to this advancement, you will come to feel and understand the , the that you have understood and known previously. So it will not be foreign to you. It will be something as a knowing, it will be something of a comfort to you, even as you continue to move out of your current comfort zones. But understand that those current comfort zones that you are in now are part of the illusion that you are in now. You are moving out of that illusion, out of this 3D realm and into the higher vibrations of fourth and dimension.

This is that time, this is that moment that you are approaching. Much is about to shift. You have heard this, we have been saying this, but at some point it will all come to .

I AM Sananda. I love you deeply … more than you can imagine. And I await your coming.