By Ron Head.

The Council – Baggage Check

We will return for a to the feeling some of you have of being . We will say that you may be a little correct in that your forward progress could perhaps be sped up a bit.

“That’s wonderful,” you say. “Would you mind explaining how we can do that?” Let us .

We know that you have been told over and over that you need to leave your baggage behind. And you think “Okay.” But you don’t know what all of your baggage is nor how to leave it behind. So you seek out a teacher and spend lots of time and searching for your ‘stuff’ and figuring out what to do about it.

Now we will say that your baggage is just a lot of beliefs and their programs that you have built up over your history. All of it is not even from this lifetime, but that really doesn’t when you apply the simple suggestion that we will give you – free. All you will need to do is a habit.

Now before you begin, that it is quite likely that you will not get this right every time, right away. That’s not how habits form. So, don’t beat yourself up when you forget. Just begin again. That is how habits are built.

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